The value proposition of Zamora Memorial College is accessible, quality and affordable education. To deliver this value proposition, we developed a pedagogy we call ZMC Pedagogy for Inclusive Quality Education (IQE).
Why Inclusive Quality Education (IQE)?
This is in recognition of the fact that ZMC has a role of delivering quality education not only to the privileged stratum of society but also to deserving and persevering students belonging to the "Bottom-of-the-Pyramid" families. 
What are the basic tenets of Inclusive Quality Education (IQE)?
The basic tenets of Inclusive Quality Education originated from Crispin B. Vergara family's mission of educating the underprivileged sector of society. Among these tenets are;
  • Situation-based curriculum design 
  • Differentiation of instruction   
  • Observance of self-discipline

What are our means to deliver Inclusive Quality Education (IQE)?   

In order to deliver our thrust for Inclusive Quality Education (IQE), the ZMC employs a process-oriented pedagogical approach to imbibe practical intelligence among its students. The pedagogical focus is to enhance the critical thinking skills of students so that they can move up across the Bloom's Taxonomy.
To achieve this, we employ the inquiry-based approach and hands-on, minds-on, hearts-on learning framed in the Understanding-by-Design (UBD) framework. In so doing, our students will become active learners with high level of engagement. Their mental models will also be challenged to fully comprehend the lessons at hand.
The intent of this undertaking is to nurture the affective and cognitive competencies of our students so that they will become confident, independent-thinkers, open-minded and communicate ideas intuitively. The overall learning process will be aided by available technology.