We produced a significant number of successful alumni who excelled in their respective fields. Some of them became successful entrepreneurs, accountants, engineers, architects, etc. Some became multi-awarded writers and hailed as "Outstanding Teachers". Some rose among the ranks in their respective organization.

We would say that ZMC indeed has a Divine charism for vocations as it produced so many Catholic priests despite of being a non-sectarian school.

On the other hand, it is ZMC's belief that partnership with the alumni is crucial to deliver its value proposition for quality and affordable education. Endowment from alumni will greatly contribute to school facilities improvement, faculty development and academic researches. Moreover, alumni scholarship grants will give more students access to ZMC quality education.

The alumni can support ZMC through fund endowment. The endowment can be done individually or by group. It will be classified in four (4) tiers as below.

The following table presents the benefits for individual and group endowments for each tier of endowment.

Initiatives the Alumni Endowment will Finance

The alumni can choose from among the four initiatives below which the endowment will fund.

Student Scholarships

The alumni can establish scholarship funds to send students for study at ZMC. They can set their own criteria for scholar selection or they may seek assistance from ZMC management for determining deserving students for said scholarship. The scholarship may cover tuition fee and miscellaneous fees or tuition fee only.

Infrastructure or Facility Upgrade

The alumni may also endow funds to construct additional buildings or edifices in the campus (e.g. amphitheater, chapel, parks, covered walks, roads, etc.). The endowment may also be on upgrading school’s facilities such as laboratory equipment, books, instructional materials, sports equipment, performance stage, workshops, etc.

Faculty Development

The alumni may provide funding in support of faculty development program of the school. The faculty development program consists of faculty training internally or externally. For internal trainings, funding may cover expenses for inviting luminaries or trainers from outside Bicol Region (including hotel accommodation, airfare, meals, and entertainment), meals and training materials of participants as well as logistics costs. For external trainings, the endowment will cover the training fees of the faculty, transportation cost, hotel accommodation and meals. The endowment may also cover expenses for sending faculty to graduate schools within or outside of the Bicol region. The endowment covers school fees, research expenses (valued at PhP50,000.00), transportation and living allowance.

Research Initiative

The alumni can also tap ZMC to conduct researches for them or their company or plainly support the research endeavors of the school. The research will be determined if the current pool of faculty has the expertise to carry-out the research. If the faculty is capable of doing the research, the initiative is commenced. The endowment covers faculty honorarium (based on her current rate and labor laws), the research materials (including rent of equipment owned by the school) and manpower (maybe internal, i.e. students or external, i.e. freelance researchers) needed as well as the utilities consumed.

The ownership of the research output is governed by existing intellectual property law. Though it is the school’s policy to give credit to the involved faculty however the arrangement for intellectual property is.

Management of Endowment

The following sections discuss the management of endowment for each of the initiatives.

Student Scholarship Endowment

There are two options for alumni in endowing scholarship grants. The first option is to transfer the total amount of funding to ZMC Treasury. In this case, the ZMC administration will have the prerogative to automatically deduct the scholars’ tuition from the endowment amount in the treasury.

The second option is for the alumni-benefactor to amortize the payment of scholars’ tuition fee on a monthly or yearly basis depending on the agreement of ZMC management and alumni-benefactor.

Infrastructure or Facility Upgrade Endowment

There are two ways to manage this endowment. The first way is to make the ZMC Management as steward of the collected funds or the second way is to form a committee composed of alumni association (ZMCGAAI) representatives and ZMC management representatives. The funds are kept by either of the designated stewards as more donations are expected of coming in until the required amount is reached. When the desired amount is reached, the construction of infrastructure project or facility upgrade is commenced. The funds being disbursed is controlled by the chosen steward and can be released only with signature of designated authority.
If one time endowment from a single donor is sufficient to fund an entire infrastructure or facility upgrade project, the donor may choose to manage the project by himself, ask ZMC management to oversee the project and manage the fund disbursement or ask the alumni association to form a committee for managing such endeavor. 

The award of construction project will undergo a rigorous bidding process though this requirement can be waived if the donor or donors have preferred contractor. By rigorous bidding process, it means that the contractor will be evaluated not only on the bid price but also on its track record for its completed projects. A committee composed of ZMC management representatives and alumni association representatives will be formed to conduct the bidding activity. The design of the construction will be reviewed by this committee. The completed facility will be turned over to ZMC Management and witnessed by the Alumni Association representatives. In the turn-over ceremony, the benefactors of the infrastructure/facility will be acknowledged by ZMC management.

Faculty Development Endowment and Research Endowment

Funding for these two initiatives will be invested in a thrust fund to be managed by a third party for the joint account of ZMC Management and Alumni Partnership. Hence, for the account, the ZMC Management will appoint an authorized representative and the Alumni will also appoint its representative. Both of these representatives will be signatory to the account. No funding will be disbursed without the signature of both of these representatives.

The Third Party chosen to manage the account must be a reputable financial institution of good standing. Criteria such as S&P credit rating, financial performance (as reflected in Financial Statements) and the quality of management should be considered in thrust fund manager selection.

The income from the said investment will finance more researches if the amount reaches a sufficient level.