Crispin Vergara y Bermas
October 24, 1892 - April 5, 1976 
The Zamora Memorial College is a private school in Bacacay, Albay offering secondary and tertiary education.

It was founded as Zamora Memorial Institute on October 24, 1948 by Crispin Vergara y Bermas, a retired supervisor of the Division of Albay. It was named after Padre Juan Zamora, the priest who founded the first collegiate school in the province of Albay.
Its establishment was in response to a growing need for secondary education of Bacacayanos. At that time, only the upper middle class Bacacayanos have access to secondary education because high schools were only available in  Legazpi or Tabaco.

The first campus of the institute was a rented building located in the corner of Bes and Barrameda Streets in Bacacay. A typhoon struck and the building was destroyed. Several parents and benefactors helped in reconstructing the school. For its new site, Mr. Vergara purchased a 1.5 ha parcel of land from Dona Beatrice Alparce which to this day is the present site of the school. The first school building constructed was made of bamboo and nipa. Through the years, this building was replaced by concrete building to withstand typhoons which frequently visit the town. Additional concrete buildings were subsequently constructed to accommodate the growing number of enrollment.

The Arsenio Vergara Gymnasium
Despite all odds, ZMC continues to produce graduates who become productive members of society and has since been a catalyst for uplifting the lives of Bacacayanos.

In 1996, with the growing clamor for access to tertiary education in Bacacay, the Board of Trustees responded with the opening of the college department. At the time of its opening, it was fully recognized by the Commission on Higher Education. It started with two students and part time faculty with classes in the evening.

In 1998, ZMC celebrated its 50th Founding Anniversary and renewed its commitment to continue educating generations of Bacacayanos. The celebration included Thanksgiving Mass officiated by a number of priest-alumni, lunch, bingo socials and the alumni ball wherein the school's outstanding alumni were recognized.

The Cora Vergara Hall houses the College Department.
With the untimely demise of Cora B. Vergara, the founder's daughter based in the US, the College Department got an endowment for a building. As such, when the building became operational, it was named after its benefactress. It had always been a wish of Ms. Vergara for Bacacayanos to acquire a good education.

One of the grandsons of the founder endowed a gymnasium named after the longest serving director of the school, Mr. Arsenio B. Vergara. The infrastructure is a living testament to Mr. Vergara's commitment  for the promotion of sports among Bacacayano youths to keep them away from vices which can corrode the moral fiber of society. The gymnasium had been of great use for school's events such as graduation, junior and senior promenade, lectures, etc. especially that weather in Bacacay is at times unpredictable. It has also become a venue for alumni reunions, which kindle the strong "Zamorian spirit".   

To keep up with its thrust of delivering quality education for Bacacayanos, the administration sees to it that the school's facilities are continuously being upgraded. Examples of these are upgrading of Computer and Science Laboratories.
The Computer Laboratory
The Science Laboratory
In its almost seven decades of educating Bacacayanos, the school consistently produced winners in the Secondary Schools Press Conference, Mathematics Olympiad and other student competitions. In the Fund for Assistance to Private Education (FAPE) assessment, the school is consistently rated as above standard. With its achievements and results, the ZMC became a priority school for additional slots in the DepEd-FAPE Educational Service Contracting Program (GATSPE Law).